Goldenstate Works Out its Bodies (and Minds) During Intramurals 2014

Did you notice Division 4 is once again the overall champion of Intramurals 2014? I hear Sir. Chris Mordeno, the division’s adviser, musing about his students having to do their best to win in every activity that they will be participating, deploying all of the students that have the suitable talents and skills for the Intramurals.

Goldenstate College’s Intramurals was a four-day affair, beginning on Monday at the Lagao Gymnasium with the literary and musical competitions.  Students representing the four divisions competed in the Quiz Bowl, Spelling Bee, Extemporaneous Speaking, News Casting, and Solo and Duet Singing.  In the afternoon were the final rounds of the Mr. and Ms. Goldenstate pageants.

The physical competitions were held during the following three days at the Acharon Sports Complex, Calumpang.  Each division displayed exemplary sportsmanship and character while vying for the honor of being named overall champion.  Though Divison 4 would ultimately earn that distinction, it is clear that every competitor gave her or his best effort in front of the large crowd of fellow Goldenians who cheered them on.

The week was capped off with exhibition games played by the faculty and staff, as well as an all-school Zumba workout.  The spirit of health and fitness was celebrated by all of Goldenstate.

“This is the right time to develop good sportsmanship”, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dr. Warren T. Manilay, MNSA declared during his opening remarks.  Truly, during the 2014 Intramurals, all Goldenians did just that.

Our coverage of the Intramurals includes features on the Literary and Musical Competitions and the Mr. and Ms. Goldenstate pageant, both held at the Lagao Gymnasium on September 22.


A Battle of Brains and Vocal Range

Monday’s Literary and Musical Competitions at the began with quiz bowl followed by spelling bee all divisions performed well, but division three bagged the first place at quiz bowl and division four for spelling bee.

Then came the Extemporaneous Question competition, followed by Newscasting.  As expected with anything involving multimedia coordination, there were multiple hiccups, but all participants showed their resilience.  Ultimately, Division 4 came out on top.

The series of competitions ended with Solo and Duet Singing.  Again, there were some technical setbacks, but the performers persevered with absolute grace and spirit.  Through all of the competitions, each division showed their fortitude, intelligence, and creativity.


Gods and Goddesses Among Us

The Mr. and Ms. Goldenstate College Pageant is a perennial highlight of Intramurals. Themed this year as “Gods and Goddesses”, representatives from each division went through a series of challenges that test their beauty, grace, and wit in order to prove that they are worth the titles Mr. and Ms. Goldenstate 2014.

On September 14, the candidates had their pictorial at the Ancestral House, each looking photogenic in their black-and-white formal and god- and goddess-themed costumes.  On September 20, they took to the stage to show their creativity during the Talent Competition.

This all culminated in the evening of September 23 at Lagao Gymnasium.  As their final chance to prove themselves to the judges and the audience, each contestant strutted across the stage during the Costume, Casual Denim Attire, and Formalwear segments.

With all of the female candidates on the stage in their formalwear, the gymnasium went wild when guest performers 1:43 entered to serenade the lovely ladies.

This all lead to perhaps the most nerve-wracking portion of the pageant, the Q&A.  Each contestant anwered a randomly selected question, and despite some initial fluster on the faces of some of the candidates, each was able to issue an impassioned and articulate response.

Before the coronation, a series of special awards were given.  Both awards for Best in Talent were given to students from Division 1. Peoples’ Choice were awarded to Division 2 (male) and Division 4 (female). Most Photogenic were given to Division 3 (male) and Division 4 (female). The Congeniality Awards were given Division 1.  Best in Jeans were awarded to Division 1 (male) and Division 3 (female). Students from Division 4 were named Mr. and Ms. Coca-Cola. Mr. and Ms. TM were awarded to students from Division 2. Finally, the Metro Collection Awards were given to students from Division 1.

Then came the moment that everyone in Lagao Gymnasium had been waiting for—the crowning of Mr. and Ms. Goldenstate 2014.  With the crowd looking on in rapt anticipation, pageant organizer Mr. Ferdinand Alcantara announced that two students from Division 2014 were given the Mr. and Ms. Goldenstate titles.

“Everyone aims to win, so every athlete do your best to achieve your goals.”

Officially opened by Mr. John Manilay, the sports competitions of Intramurals 2014 were held at the Acharon Sports Complex from September 23 to 25.  Teams represent each division competed in various sports, including basketball, volleyball, kickball, soccer, takraw ,tennis, chess, track and field, long jump and darts.

With the oppressive heat of the sun beating down on them, the competitors displayed their athleticism, preparation, grit, and determination in front of the screaming crowd of their peers.

After the three-day series, Division 4 earned the title of overall champions.  Overall, Intramurals 2014 was a rousing success, with students and staff alike showing their talent, enthusiasm, and, most importantly, sportsmanship.