International Immersion Program: Preparing our Future Educators for better Employment opportunities.

The transition from being a student to being part of the working class could be challenging, but our students are all up for this challenge. Today, February 29, 2020, six students from Goldenstate College of Education along with Koronadal Campus Administrator Dr. Ferdinand Alcantara, PhD and College of Arts and Education Program Head Mr. Elviro Bacalanmo, MaEd flew to Thailand for our second batch of students who will undergo International on-the-job trainings and immersions program.

This is through this program that Goldenstate College provides our students necessary life skills to prepare them to explore their chosen careers and acquire 21st-century skills set. Equipped with rigid trainings through the help of our fine educators. Goldenstate College is able to prepare globally ready and competitve students, also with the help of our well-designed, constantly-reviewed curriculum, our College is also able to ensure that students are equipped with the skills needed to have them serving in the 21st-century workforce, for this is the feat of our institution to provide not only locally but also globally competitive individuals.